Use rust to automate the linux distribution build process and create a custom distribution

开源操作系统 (Open Source Operating System)
🕒 2023-10-28 ~ 2023-10-28
    • 马全一
    • 华为
    • 架构师

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This presentation will explore how to use Rust to automate the Linux distribution build process. The presentation will include the benefits of using LFS, which allows highly customizable and lightweight Linux distributions. The presentation will also introduce the custom distribution build process, building a Linux kernel that supports Rust, and adding software that uses Rust for operating system development. Finally, the presentation will demonstrate the use of the build tools and the booting of the custom distribution. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of using the Rust programming language and how to build a new Linux distribution from scratch.

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  1. Building Linux Distribution from Scratch with Rust (1).pptx