EightFish 去中心化应用开发框架

区块链 (Blockchain)
🕒 2023-10-28 ~ 2023-10-28
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EightFish is a web MVC framework to develop decentralized applications. Deeply, EightFish is a development framework (maybe the first one) for the Open Data Application (ODA), implementing the Open Data Application Model (ODAM). You can think of ODA is a type of data-kind decentralized application of Web3. The theory of ODA and ODAM is located here. In a short description: EightFish powers ODAs, ODAs constitute the OpenWeb, which is a subset of Web3. EightFish makes devs to develop a decentralized application in Web2 development style, rather than the smart contract style. Unlike the smart contract blockchain tech stack most DApps adopt, EightFish makes your own network, a sovereign network which doesn't rely on any other Web3 layers or services. By some elaberate designs, EightFish reaches the experiences of Web2/Internet web development, but for the OpenWeb/Web3 decentralized application.

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